1. Adjustment of steering sensor (potentiometer).

   1. Find the diagnosis of the steering sensor on the interactive diagnostic display.

   2. Open the sensor cover and loosen the sensor fixing screw.

   3. Check whether the output of the steering sensor is within the specified range, and adjust the steering sensor to the middle position.

   4. Fix the sensor on the screw tightly.

   5. Turn the steering wheel to the left and right to check whether the output of the sensor is within the specified range.

   It should be noted that the steering sensor should only be removed if necessary. When installing the steering sensor, follow the above procedure for adjustment.

   Second, the adjustment of the speed sensor.

   1. Loosen the fixing nut of the speed sensor.

   2. Tighten the speed sensor until it can touch the tip of the reduction gear.

   3. From this position, back the speed sensor about 1/2 to 3/4 turn and tighten the fixing nut.