1. Manual hydraulic truck is an indispensable auxiliary tool for material handling. Pallet handling is the lightest, and most importantly, anyone can operate it.

  2. The shape of the tiller is suitable, with a plastic handle clip, it is particularly comfortable to use. The operator's hands are protected by a strong protector. The lifting, lowering and walking control rods can be conveniently operated by hand, and the pallet truck is light, safe and comfortable to use.

   3. Torsion resistant steel structure, the fork is made of high tensile channel steel. The fork tip is made into a round shape to prevent damage to the pallet when inserted into the pallet, and the guide wheel makes the fork smoothly inserted into the pallet.

  4. The sturdy lifting system can meet most lifting requirements and is galvanized according to standard requirements. The pump cylinder is mounted on a heavy-duty protective seat, and the cylinder barrel is chrome-plated. Low-position control valve and overflow valve ensure safe operation and prolong service life.

  5. The wheels run flexibly and are equipped with sealed bearings. The front and rear wheels are made of wear-resistant nylon with low rolling resistance. Rubber, polyurethane or special tires are available.

  6. The hydraulic system and bearings are completely maintenance-free, but in extreme cases, such as in a humid environment or flushing with a high-pressure hose, all bearings are equipped with oil filling holes for oil filling.